Terminal Meetup / Svibanj 2017.

Have you heard about the mighty new shell from Microsoft, the PowerShell? About its object piping, multiple serialization formats? That eliminates the need to parse text or take care of spaces and all that ancient rituals? The one that can feed hunger and give water to the thirst? Yep, that one.

Before you start to rage at a Microsoft related topic, and before we announce the main sponsor for this event, let me just remind you that the shell is the single most important thing in every hacker’s life, even atop of Dinamo. And this is a brand new shell that works natively on Linux.

Andrej Mrkonjić will show us some fun with PowerShell. The full content of the talk is top secret, but we have been hinted that some demonstrations and some cool PowerShell features will be shown. What’s better way to learn than to just have some fun. Some games even, and a quick look at how they work.

As far as lighting talks go, Petar Bešlić will show us jq, an awesome little tool to parse, extract or manipulate JSON data from terminal. Think of it as AWK for JSON data.