Ruby Meetup / Veljača 2018.

Join us for the first Ruby meetup in 2018!

We will meet at MaMa, our HQ. Afterwards, we’ll hang out and drink a beer or two at Cafe U Dvoristu, which has become our default go-to spot for caffeine and alcohol.


Damir Svrtan: Importing and serving millions of records

Ever needed to import tons of records in a matter of seconds? Or maybe serve extra large responses and json serialization was just too slow? Let’s checkout how we can ditch Active Record and Active Model Serializers and leave all the powerlifting to Postgres.


Dario Daić: Documenting Ruby

As much as Ruby is an elegant and expressive language, its official documentation can sometimes be found lacking in clarity. Some parts of the API are not even documented at all. Luckily, everyone can contribute. In this talk we’ll go through the steps needed to make an official contribution to the documentation.