Ruby Meetup / Veljača 2018.

Hi Rubyists, it’s time to meet up again!

This time we will be meeting up at the brand new location: “Tehnoloski park Zagreb” – Avenija Dubrovnik 15! You can access the venue by taking the elevator on the west side of the building.

TPZ is an organization dedicated to helping tech companies reach the next level of their business saga. They have three locations altogether. We are going to meet at the one at Zagrebacki Velesajam, which is the largest and most likely interesting one. ^^

Also, this meetup will be sponsored by ButterflyMX company which is going to give us the brief presentation of their product and pitch some job opportunities at us!

As always, some of the members of our community have prepared awesome talks for us:


Stanko Krtalić-Rusendić: RabbitMQ is more than a Sidekiq replacement!

We are used to Sidekiq being the defacto norm for a queue service in
the Ruby ecosystem. If you replace Sidekiq and Redis with RabbitMQ
you may find yourself with a few less problems, and more tools to scale
your app.

This talk will go into problems with using Sidekiq and Redis as a queue service,
migrating to RabbitMQ, and using RabbitMQ’s features to scale your Ruby apps a
bit easier.

Janko Marohnić: Dynamic Routing in Ruby

Most of us are Rails developers, so we’re used to the way Rails routes requests.
Most Ruby web frameworks also use a similar approach, but some are stepping off the rails.
Roda and Cuba route requests in what I would call a “dynamic” way, which I found very natural
and flexible. I will compare the two approaches and demonstrate the advantages I see in dynamic routing.