Ruby Meetup / Svibanj 2018.

Hello Ruby-ists, it’s time for our regular monthly meetup (slightly delayed this time 🙂 The meetup will be held @ MaMa and afterwards we’ll meet for drinks in “Cafe u Dvoristu”. As always, some of the members of our community have prepared awesome talks for us:

Stanko Krtalić-Rusendić: HTTP2.rb
Why arent’ all Rack apps served over HTTP 2 by now? What exactly is HTTP 2 and is it better than HTTP 1.1? How can you use it in Ruby?

Bruno Sutic: Ruby and Unix
In case you don’t know Ruby is very much inspired and close to Unix philosophy. In this talk I’m going to explain and demonstrate a interesting bits and pieces of working on Unix with Ruby. You’re going to see why daemons are good and zombies are bad!