Distributed systems Meetup Studeni 2018.

This is the second iteration of distributed systems meetup. Nothing too formal nor serious like big meetups.

Currently, the plan is as follows:
Matko Medenjak — Fundamental truths about distributed systems

Hi, I’m Matko. I’ve been working on and designing distributed systems at Hazelcast for the last two years (and reading about them for longer). Distributed systems are a fun and frustrating topic. They are also simple and complex. It’s hard to describe and classify distributed systems, the things what you need to know and how to get started with using and designing distributed systems. So let’s start at the beginning and work our way towards more complex topics.
This session will cover some reasons for building distributed systems and physical limitations which affect every decision when dealing with distributed systems and which we should all keep in mind. I will then try to identify some groups of problems that we are trying to solve and provide a high-level overview of the ways which we can approach the issue at hand. The goal of this session is to lay groundwork for becoming a distributed systems engineer and to give you an idea of the options that you have and when to choose which.