Flutter Meetup / Siječanj 2019.

After the holiday break it’s time to meet again and continue our Flutter education and discussions.


Ivan Golubić – guest speaker – My experience with Flutter

Ivan is an entrepreneur and awarded inventor from Croatia. He is the creator of Grunner X, the World’s first smart e-bike. He gained his experience working on various projects such as: autonomous driving, machine learning, artificial intelligence, propulsion systems and battery systems.

In 2016 he founded his own company – Mobile Vehicle Technology which is a R&D company.

Ivan was previously involved in Android development and he’s going to describe the issues he faced. Now he moved to Flutter and his presentation will cover comparison of the former development process and the process using Flutter. He will describe problems and solutions. Ivan will also briefly cover his current project in Flutter and his opinion about the future of Flutter.


Ivan Celija, Luka Knezić – Animations in Fluter

Ivan will give a short presentation about animations in Flutter, which animations there are and what can be done with each of them.

Luka will perform live coding session to show various animations in action.

Presentation will be shared after Meetup.