S(CSS) Meetup / Srpanj 2019.

We are hosting our last meetup for this season! We are going to show you some pretty cool magic with CSS and teach you how to name your classes! 😎

Title: CSS Pseudoelements 💥
Speaker: Antonija Šimić 🧝
Description: Antonija will answer some of the questions that bug us all: what kind of sorcery can we do with pseudoelements? What are they really, why do we call them psuedoelements and can we use them without caution?
Duration: 30 min

Title: BEM|(SMA|A|OO)CSS 💥
Speaker: Vilim Stubičan 🧝
Description: Prepare yourself for a full comparison of CSS methodologies with examples on how and when to decide for which one.
Duration: 30min

After the meetup: join us for the 🍻 at the nearest pub (TBA)