Ruby meetup / Prosinac 2019.

Hello everybody!

Let’s have our December meetup at our usual spot @ MaMa and then go for
a beer or coffee/tea to Dvoriste.


*Vlado Cingel – Organising complex SQL queries in Rails*

Rails makes it super simple to organise SQL queries using ActiveRecord
scopes and relations. You break queries into logical blocks, organise
them into scopes and them combine them as you wish. But what to do when
ActiveRecord just isn’t enough? In this talk we will see what can be
done and try to keep the same flexibility when we have complex SQL with
a lot of statements, subqueries, common table expressions, …

*Hrvoje Simic – How does Ruby detect typos?*

Every time you make a method name typo, you encounter a gem that
suggests corrections – Did You Mean. In this talk we are going to do a
deep dive into Did You Mean and explore how it detects typos.