Sisterhood Meetup

Feel tempted to attend a meetup where ladies share personal stories, discuss ideas, laugh and support each other?
Well, you are up for a treat. Seriously, we have cookies too!
Our Sisterhood is a place where every woman is welcome!
No matter the background, life-stage, personal preferences or professional occupation, we welcome you – just as you are.
During our event, we will discuss the topic of femininity and how we choose to express it.
We will pose questions like this:
What does it mean to be a woman to you and how do you like to express your feminine essence?
Would you like to share any of your self-love rituals?
Who are people that inspired you, what resonates with you when it comes to femininity?
Do you hide your woman, give an example when or which situations?
We sit in a circle, surrounded by blankets and pillows (feel free to bring your own).
We take our shoes off when in the circle.
We speak in English.
We drink tea and eat cookies (feel free to bring your own).
We have a gorgeous strawberry toy that we use to steer the conversation. Who has the toy – has the floor.
✔️ No judgment
✔️ If someone doesn’t ask for advice, we don’t give one
✔️ What happens in Sisterhood, stays in Sisterhood