Sisterhood Meetup: Exposing your inner critic (that crazy lady inside)

Feel tempted to attend a meetup where ladies share personal stories, discuss ideas, laugh and support each other?

Well, you are up for a treat. Seriously, we have cookies too!

Our Sisterhood is a place where every woman is welcome. No matter the background, life-stage, personal preferences or professional occupation, we welcome you – just as you are.

During our event, we will discuss the concept of our Inner Critic, or as we like to call it – ”the crazy lady inside”.

We will have the opportunity to question & discuss:

How does the crazy lady inside comment on our physical appearance?
How does she show up in a professional environment?
Share stories on when and how we’ve triumphed over the inner crazy lady and her obnoxious comments.


We sit in a circle, surrounded by blankets and pillows (feel free to bring your own).
We take our shoes off when in the circle.
We speak in English.
We drink tea and eat cookies (feel free to bring your own).
We have a toy that we use to steer the conversation. Who has the toy – has the floor.


✔️ No judgment
✔️ If someone doesn’t ask for advice, we don’t give one
✔️ What happens in Sisterhood, stays in Sisterhood


The location is MULTIMEDIA INSTITUTE – club MaMa, Preradovićeva ul. 18, 10000, Zagreb.
Go straight through the corridor all the way to red doors. Once inside go left to join our event, or ask the staff about us.
If you are late or get lost please feel free to message us.
Please respect the space we are in and each other.
If you would like to join us, please RSVP on Meetup.
In case you can’t come, please cancel so we can free the space for someone else.

We are so excited to meet you!