Ubu@50 — 50 Ubus: A Virtual Conference

Felix Stalder, Sanja Bojanić, Srećko Horvat, Aleksndra Savanović, Nick Thurston, Alessandro Ludovico, Dušan Barok, Olga Goriunova, Cristóbal Sciutto, Marcell Mars and Tomislav Medak on the events before 1996, the year when Kenneth Goldsmith started Ubu, the developments since and the projections until 2046, when Ubu turns 50.



Ubu@50 :: Everything is Temporary

A readymade gesture Marcel Duchamp, one of the founders of avant-garde, in 1935 at the Councours Lépine, an innovation fair, exhibited a series of objects under titled *Rotoreliefs* – twelve cardboard litography discs with spiral motifs in the lithography technique. When rotating *Rotoreliefs* would engender optical illusions. Although he received an honorable mention in the […]


Ubu@50 – Futures of Digital Avant-Garde

Immersive audio-visual performance The Mirror by People Like Us

Post-performance discussion: Vicki Bennett, Olga Goriunova & Marcell Mars (moderated by Tomislav Medak)