MaMa’s People


Igor Čolić, holds a master’s degree in economics, has been in charge of financial administration at Multimedia Institute since 2009.

Marija Krstanović, holds an MA in comparative literature and librarianship. She is the coordinator of Social and Cultural MaMa, a production space run by Multimedia Institute. Her field of interest are artistic practices (with a particular focus on film criticism) and cultural policy (with a particular focus on socially vulnerable groups).

Igor Marković is an independent scholar and free-lance theoretician with a focus on visual, film, and cultural studies, co-selector of Human Rights Film Festival. He is co-founder and co-editor of Limen – journal for theory and practice of liminal phenomena and member of editorial board of journals Ubiq and LibraLibera. He co-authored Curriculum of Department of Cultural Studies at the University of Rijeka. He participated in about a hundred conferences and published in numerous scientific and non-academic journals and magazines.

Petar Milat is the president of association and the main programme coordinator at Multimedia Institute, in charge of the Institute’s publishing, music, and film programmes. Since 2008, he has been managing the Human Rights Film Festival. The nexus of normative social and aesthetical theory is the main focus of his research. His personal website:

Ivana Pejić, philosopher. Her primary fields of interest stretch from aesthetic and philosophy of politics to feminist theory and critique.


Lina Gonan is a philosopher and an art historian. Her fields of interest are aesthetics, philosophy of politics, and gender theory, with a special focus on Marxist feminism and queer theory. She is an activist in the field of women’s rights. She is the coordinator of MaMa cultural club.

Ante Jerić is an associate at Multimedia Institute. His main field of interest is “continental” philosophy and its connections with psychoanalysis, film, and literature.

Marcell Mars (Nenad Romić) has organized, produced, conceptualized, and curated numerous festivals, exhibitions, and conferences, and he also works as an independent researcher, programmer, and artist. His work has been acknowledged in scholarly overviews of relevant practices of media design, art, and social engagement. A prominent public personality dealing with the regulation of the Internet, intellectual property, and creative activity.

Tomislav Medak is part of the theory and publishing team of Multimedia Institute and the lead of the Public Library project, with the focus on amateur libriarianship, digitisation and digital humanities. Medak is also an independent researcher with a PhD on technopolitics and the planetary ecological crisis from Coventry University’s Centre for Postdigital Cultures. His personal website: