net.culture club MaMa

The net.cultural club MaMa was founded in 2000 with the aim of promoting innovative cultural practices and socially critical standpoints. As a cultural center, it encourages a wide range of new artistic and cultural practices primarily related to the development of communication technologies and new tendencies in art and theory: from new media art, through film and music to socially engaged philosophical and sociological theory, publishing and cultural policy issues. . Special emphasis lies on the issue of “free access” in which MaMa is internationally recognized as a leader in this part of Europe.

As a social center, MaMa is a gathering place and spatial resource at disposal free of charge for various initiatives and associations, whether promoting minority identities (environmental, LBGTQ, ethnic, feminist, etc.) or critically questioning established social norms. As an open and non-commercial space in the very center of Zagreb, MaMa is a place where you can socialize and directly experience cultural production that encourages diversity.