Public Library


In the catalog of History the institution of public library is listed in the category of phenomena of which we humans are most proud. Along with free public education, public healthcare, the scientific method, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Wikipedia, free software… It’s one of those almost invisible infrastructures that we start to notice only once they go extinct. A place where all people can get access to all knowledge that can be collected seemed for a long time a dream beyond reach – until the egalitarian impetus of social revolutions, the Enlightenment idea of universality of knowledge, and the exceptional suspension of the commercial barriers of copyright made it possible.

The Internet has, as in many other situations, completely changed our expectations and imagination about what is possible. The dream of a catalogue of the world – a universal access to all available knowledge for every member of society – became realizable. A question merely of the meeting of curves on a graph: the point at which the line of global distribution of personal computers meets that of the critical mass of people with access to the Internet. Today nobody lacks the imagination necessary to see public libraries as part of a global infrastructure of universal access to knowledge for literally every member of society. However, the emergence and development of the Internet is taking place precisely at the point at which an institutional crisis — one with traumatic and inconceivable consequences — has also begun.

In the catalog of History, the emancipatory revolutions are listed in the category of phenomena of which we humans are most proud. They empower the oppressed and give them the means to reach their dreams. That the dream of public library in the age of internet, the dream of universal access to all human knowledge, should not be relinquished. We cannot let this happen. And artists and hackers and potentially everyone else can take it upon themselves to make this dream a reality.

Melvil Dewey would be happy. »Free schools & free libraries for every soul« shall never wither away.


Timeline of Public Library

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