Creative Commons

The Multimedia Institute is the Croatian localizer of the Creative Commons licenses.

The leaders of the localization of Creative Commons licenses in the Croatian legal system are Dijana Kovačević Remenarić, Tomislav Medak, and Marcell Mars.

Creative Commons is a comprehensive way for licensing copyrighted works as publicly available and open content. In today’s environment, where digital technologies for creating and sharing are widely available, more and more creators and scientists want users to be able to freely, without constantly infringing copyright – use, rework and share their works. CC licence allows these creators to legally express this will and state that, unlike the standard restrictive copyright regime, they can only reserve certain rights. Like the GNU General Public License for Free Software, Creative Commons licenses aim to expand the space of free creation and invention, its exchange, and public availability, but for non-software fields of human creativity: music, photography, film, video, literature, design, scientific texts… CC in the context of restrictive regulation of intellectual property allows culture and science to continue to be what they have always aspired to be: the common good and the product of cooperation

CC Croatia is a project of translating Creative Commons licenses into the Croatian legislative framework and into Croatian language, carried out by the Multimedia Institute from Zagreb. If you visit, in addition to American, Brazilian, Japanese, German, Italian and about 70 others, you will be able to choose Croatian licenses.