Right to the city

Right to the City is an initiative and campaign directed against the overexploitation of space, administering space against public interest, unsustainable spatial policy, and the exclusion of citizens from making decisions about the urban development of Zagreb. It was launched as an informal platform gathering organizations of independent and youth cultures and a joint advocacy initiative of eight organizations of independent culture Zagreb – European Capital of Culture 3000 (Multimedia Institute being one of them), two national networks – Croatian Youth Network and Clubtire Network, and three clubs of independent and youth cultures in Zagreb. In 2006, in cooperation with Green Action, the initiative launched one of the most visible civil society campaigns in recent Croatian history – the campaign against the devastation of Flower Square (Cvjetni trg). In 2009, Right to the City was registered as an autonomous association of citizens, founded by the most prominent activists in the campaign. Right to the City performs all its activities in partnership with Green Action.